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Our Green Initiative

"One move - One Tree"

We pledge to plant a tree for every move we make!

We are dedicated to operate as a sustainable and eco-friendly company and committed to operate in a manner that is not detrimental to the environment.


Our Personal Green Initiative:

As a supporter of Tree Canada (See Here), EZMOOV pledges to plant a tree for every move it performs. In an effort to decrease habitat fragmentation and provide long-term forest ecosystem health through Tree Canada's Grow Clean Air carbon offset program, EZMOOV has committed to plant 378 trees in 2018, for a total of 545 trees to date! (See Our 2017 Donation Here) 


To put that into perspective, one tree is able to offset the carbon emission of a diesel truck for more than 700 km. One move will actually emit much less carbon than the offset of one tree. By planting one tree per move we actually contribute positively to the environment. And that's alright because:


1) Our trees are planted on a yearly basis so our footprint will be offset with a one year delay

2) It gives the time for the trees to grow

3) We pick up the slacks for many companies that don't do enough :)

We also do the obvious such as reclycling/re-use all our packing material, avoid paper waste by sending electronic copies of all documents we send unless paper copies are requested, and use LED lighting in our office. We also offer to recycle/dispose of items you would like to discard from your move for an added fee.

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