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Services Terms & Conditions

EZMOOV Solutions Ltd. (“EZMOOV”) offers moving and delivery services for individuals, families, and businesses. To retain our moving and delivery services, we require that you accept an online fee estimate sent to you by email (the “Fee Estimate"). Our Fee Estimate incorporates the following services terms & conditions (the “Terms & Conditions”) by reference. Acceptance of the Fee Estimate constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Together, they establish your relationship with EZMOOV.


  1. Thank You

    1. Thanks. We want to begin by thanking you for your business. We know that you have a number of local moving options and we appreciate you choosing us.​​

    2. No Surprises. Doing good work means more than getting things from A to B. Beyond logistics, we hope to deliver transparency, professionalism, and affordability.  These Terms & Conditions help make this possible.​​

  2. You

    1. You. In this and other agreements, "you" or "your" refers to the person accepting our estimate. Your name and contact information will be confirmed by email or telephone.

    2. Ownership. By retaining our moving or delivery services, you represent that you are the owner of the Items (defined below) being moved, or the owner’s representative. If you are acting on behalf of a company or other organization, you represent that the company is the owner of the Items, or the owner’s representative and that you have authorization to retain our services.

    3. Authorization. Email or telephone authorization from you constitutes authorization and approval to carry out the work estimated.

  3. Your Things

    1. Items. Things matter. We need them to do our jobs and live our lives. You are paying us to have these things moved. These Terms & Conditions govern our transport of your furniture, personal possessions, equipment, or other things to be transported (together, your “Items”).

  4. Description of Services

    1. Services. All moving and delivery services (the “Services”) provided by EZMOOV will be confirmed in the Fee Estimate, unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties.

    2. Advance To-Do List. Please review our Advance To-Do Lists for Moving or Delivery in preparation for your move or delivery. Taking these steps will help our movers complete your move within the range identified in our Fee Estimate. Failing to complete the tasks identified in this list will increase the cost of your move according to the rate identified in our Fee Estimate and the additional time required.

    3. Packing. Your Fee Estimate does not include packing. If you would like to retain a specialist packing service, we will provide you with a list of local options.

    4. Recycling and Disposal. Upon request, EZMOOV will recycle or dispose of unwanted Items. Our recycling and disposal fees are $100 + tax for the first item and $50 + tax for every additional item.

    5. Prohibited Items. EZMOOV will not move certain prohibited items, including hazardous goods, anything illegal, items deemed unsafe to transport, or unusual items such as commercial inventory. Our staff reserve the right to refuse any goods contained within your Items.

  5. Fees Estimates

    1. We Charge Hourly.  A fee estimate is only an estimate and does not guarantee final costs for our Services. If you have underestimated your Items, the estimate range will need to be adjusted accordingly. If the move is completed under the estimate, you will only be charged for the time required, subject to our Minimum Fee below. EZMOOV's weekday (Mon-Fri) rate: $55/mover/hour x # hours + Travel Fee (See Section 5.2) + expenses (tolls, packing supplies, recycling and disposal fees) + taxes =  Total Cost. We charge by half hour increments e.g. if your move takes 3 hour 15 mins, we will charge 3 hour 30 mins. By default, a move will require 2 movers, making EZMOOV’s base rate of $110/hour +expenses +tax. The final cost will be determined once all your Items are transported to their destination. The charge time starts from the time EZMOOV arrives at your start location and ends at the time EZMOOV leaves your end location. EZMOOV's weekend and holiday rate is $65/mover/hour. 

    2. Travel Fee. EZMOOV will charge a travel fee based on the location of your move. The Travel Fee covers the costs for EZMOOV to dispatch to your location and to return to the base. The Travel Fee will be disclosed in your fee estimate. The typical Travel Fees are shown below:

      1. Vancouver - $65​

      2. South Vancouver/Burnaby/North Vancouver/West Vancouver/Richmond/New Westminster - $95

      3. Coquitlam/Surrey/Port Moody/Horseshoe Bay - $125

      4. Delta/Maple Ridge/Langley/Pitt Meadows/White Rock - $185

      5. Mission/Abbotsford/Chilliwack/Squamish - $285

    3. Minimum Fee. EZMOOV charges a minimum fee based on a three-hour commitment for moving and a two-hour commitment for deliveries at the base rate identified in Section 5.1.

    4. Expenses. Expenses incurred by EZMOOV as a consequence of your move will be invoiced to you at the rate it is invoiced to EZMOOV. Such Expenses may include Ferry Tickets, Parking Tickets, and others.

    5. Change Orders. Our fee estimates are based on the time it will take EZMOOV to complete the Services under normal circumstances. If you change the destination or increase your Items to be transported, our costs will increase based on the additional number of hours required to complete the Services. If our costs will exceed the fee estimate, we will advise you when our estimate will be exceeded, provide you with a new estimate to complete the move, and ask you to confirm that you want EZMOOV to complete the work.

    6. Delivery Time Not Guaranteed. EZMOOV does not guarantee the arrival time of your Items. You will receive an estimate from our staff and will receive updates by phone or text message if your Items will be significantly delayed due to traffic, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

    7. Packing Supplies. If you do require our staff to assist with packing, the additional cost of packing supplies, including boxes, wrapping, or other non-reusable materials, will be added as an expense to your Services fees. If you identify your need for packing supplies in advance, these costs will be added to your Fee Estimate. Alternatively, they may be added, as needed with your approval, during the course of the move.

    8. Taxes. Our moving and delivery fees exclude applicable taxes. Taxes will be applied to your final invoice.

  6. Cancellation

    1. Cancellation. We do not take deposits or have cancellation fees. Instead, we ask you kindly to notify us 48 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your move or delivery. Just let us know. Likewise, we reserve the right to cancel your move or delivery and will endeavor to provide 48 hours’ notice of the cancellation.

    2. Rescheduling. If you require us to reschedule the move, there is a $25 + tax rescheduling fee that will be added to your final invoice. If possible, please provide 48 hours advance notice so that we can reschedule our staff accordingly.

    3. Amounts Earned. If a move or delivery is cancelled after our staff have started transporting your Items, EZMOOV is entitled to payment for the hours committed. The three-hour minimum fee will apply.

  7. Payment

    1. Non-payment. EZMOOV invoices are payable upon receipt. If your account is not paid within 30 days of receipt, interest will be charged on the outstanding balance at a rate of 8%, compounded annually, until they are paid. In the event that EZMOOV is required to resort to collection procedures or litigation for the collection of any compensation due to EZMOOV, EZMOOV shall be entitled to collect from you the reasonable legal fees and costs in addition to such compensation.

    2. Payment Options. You will be invoiced by email upon completion of the delivery or move. EZMOOV accepts payment by cash, cheque, Interac transfer, or credit card (additional 3.5% processing fee). A receipt will be issued by email, with a hard copy available upon request.

  8. Insurance

    1. Accidents Happen. Our staff do good work, but accidents can happen. We want you to know how we deal with such events. Major damage or loss is limited by the coverage of our insurance while minor damage or loss will be addressed through either repair of your Items or as a partial refund. You must notify EZMOOV in advance if the value of your Items exceeds the coverage described in these Terms & Conditions. If the value of your Items exceeds our coverage, we will recommend that you obtain third-party insurance as described below and will require that you waive all claims against EZMOOV for loss or damage exceeding our Major Damage or Loss coverage.

    2. Major Damage or Loss. EZMOOV carries cargo insurance for losses sustained during transport of your Items. This would include the theft of contents within our moving vehicle or a serious accident that damages your Items. If the value of your Items has been disclosed in advance, our maximum coverage for your Items is $25,000. If the value of your Items is not disclosed, our coverage is limited to a flat rate of $2/lb for the individual items lost or damaged. You agree that your maximum claim against EZMOOV for loss or damage to your Items will be limited by this insurance coverage and you waive the right to pursue all claims in excess of this amount. Your items are not covered under cargo insurance while outside of our moving vehicle. You are responsible for your items while outside of our vehicle. It is your responsibility to check with your home insurance provider for the coverage of your items outside of our vehicle.

    3. Minor Damage or Loss. In the event that your Items sustain minor damage or are otherwise lost during the move, you must notify EZMOOV within 3 business days of the completion of the move. You will need to send us pictures as well as a detailed description of the damage claimed. If EZMOOV is responsible for this minor damage, we will have the option of repairing your Items or issuing a partial refund of EZMOOV’s fees. The maximum refund for damage to each item category is limited according to the list below: 

      1. Television, stereo, or other electronic equipment: $550

      2. Sofa or sectional: $550

      3. Dining table: $350

      4. Drawers, cabinet, bookshelves, desk: $300

      5. Railings or Stairs: $300

      6. Glassware, mirrors, and fragile items: $150

      7. Professional cleaning costs: $150

      8. Drywall or scratches on paint: $150

      9. Lamps: $50

      10. Miscellaneous Damage Not Described above: $250

    4. Critically Important Items. There are certain items that you should always move yourself. These include jewelry, cash, laptops, computers, computer hard drives, important documents, and irreplaceable objects (e.g. photo albums). Our insurance does not cover such items.

    5. Predictable Damage. In certain circumstances, transporting some of your Items may predictably damage either your Items or the property itself. This includes transporting large objects through very small spaces or items that cannot be moved due to their build quality. In these circumstances, EZMOOV will warn you of the particular risk in advance and ask you to confirm whether you want us to proceed. In the event that damage is incurred transporting these Items, our coverage will be denied to the extent that it has been disclaimed.

    6. Excess Coverage. If the replacement value of your Items exceeds our coverage, EZMOOV recommends that you obtain additional third-party insurance for the move. We can recommend a local insurance broker for you to obtain this coverage.

  9. Limitation of Liability

    1. Assumption of Risk for Personal Injury. EZMOOV employees are covered by WorkSafeBC for injuries sustained on the job. EZMOOV requests that you do not assist in the performance of the move and that you remain a safe distance from the movers at all times. If you insist on participating in the move, you assume all risks, dangers, and hazards associated with this participation. You agree to waive all claims against EZMOOV in association with the Services outlined in the Fee Estimate.

    2. Indemnity. You agree to indemnify EZMOOV, its employees contractors and agents against all third party claims (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees) arising from transporting your Items as requested in the Fee Estimate. This includes claims of theft and trespassing.

  10. General

    1. Weather. We live in Vancouver. The weather can get bad. Our moves and deliveries go-ahead rain or shine and we will take steps to protect your Items. In the event of severe weather, we will contact you in order to reschedule your move.

    2. Feedback. We want to hear your feedback. If you have good things to say, we would be very grateful if you would leave a review on our Facebook, Yelp or Google Business Listing. If you have negative feedback, please let us know directly in case there is something we can do to remedy the problem.

    3. Governing Law. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province of British Columbia.​​

    4. Entire Agreement. Your Fee Estimate, together with these Terms & Conditions, contain the entire understanding between the parties.

    5. Severance. If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such determination shall not impair or affect the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining terms & conditions.

    6. Thanks Again. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Fee Estimate or these Terms & Conditions. You can reach us at or 778.233.7718. We look forward to taking your Items wherever they need to go.

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