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Senior Citizens Move

5% Discount on All Senior Moves


EZMOOV offers a 5% discount on all senior moves satisfying one of the following conditions:

- one resident of the household is 65 years old or older, or

- the customer is moving in or out of a senior home, retirement home, nursing home or equivalent.

This discount cannot be combined with other offers.

EZMOOV is aware that moving is stressful, even more so for seniors citizens, whom after living many years in one home, may face the necessity to relocate. Our team understands the care that goes into:

  • the attentive packing of valuable items that have much sentimental value,

  • setting up and reassembling in an unfamiliar place,

  • making sure the new place is fully functional right away.


This is why EZMOOV is here to assist through the entire moving process to make the most seamless transition. Whether your family is helping you move or you need expert help from packing to unpacking, EZMOOV offers customized, friendly and expert moving in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our goal is to make every one of our clients a stress-free and happy customer.


EZMOOV offers you a team you can trust with the highest level of care for your loved ones. Our team has experience with moving vintage and heritage houses, retirement complexes, and senior homes.


What we do :


  1. Pre-move consultation: Upon request, our team may review your specific situation, your specific needs and prepare a detailed plan for a successful stress-free move. A comprehensive in-house estimate of all costs can be prepared for you.

  2. Packing, Moving & Unpacking: Packing, moving and unpacking your personal items to your exact preference, from hanging your favorite artwork, to neatly stacking your clothing, to setting up your furniture, appliances and electronic equipment, to your liking.

  3. Clearouts: If your home needs to have items taken away, our moving team can help. We can take items to family and friends, or for donation or recycling and disposal. Whatever you need removed, we can find everything a new home.

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